Great Escape
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NCA Great Escape 2018

2018 Great Escape
Pine Cradle Lake Campground
Rome, PA
September 11 & 12, 2018

Click here for Registration Form, Program Information and Event Details.
Registrations are due by 8/28/18.
Mail completed form & check to:
NCA, 76 Lamb Road, Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Great Escape Pine Crade Lake Campground 2018

Contact Jake, Lauren or Cathy at (570) 247-2424 and mention the NCA Great Escape for your free camp sites and special rental prices. For details on all cottages and cabins visit

Studio Cabin (labeled C1 & C2) $25 p/night
Lakeside Cabin (labeled C3 & C4) $30 p/night
Gone Fishin Cottage $50 p/night
Journee’s Ende Cottage $50 p/night
Deer Crossing & Bear Run Cottage (lakeside) $60 p/night
Deluxe Cottages (labeled DC1-DC4) $75 p/night
Premium Lakeside Cottages (labeled PL1-PL2) $75 p/night
Sales tax & room tax will be applied to rentals (total 9%)

NCA Contact: Cyndy Zbierski

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Telephone: (860) 684-6389