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                                                                     CUSTOMER SERVICE

                                                                     IS WHERE IT’S AT.
                                                                     ALWAYS WARM

                                                                     AND FRIENDLY.                            ”

                 Adding Arcade Games to                              W OLFE’ S NE CK  OCEANFR ONT  C AMPING | MAINE
             Campgrounds Boosts Business

                Betson offers a full assortment of arcade
                 and vending equipment from leading
                manufacturers, outdoor pool tables, table                                    DEMO T OD AY
                tennis, foosball, and the largest inventory
                   selection of parts and accessories.

               Contact Betson Sales to Learn More about
              Adding Arcade Games to Your Campground:
                  (800) 524-2343 |
                                      GETC AMPLIFE.COM  ·  877.783.2367

            Why 525 Campgrounds

            Choose KOA                                                                               Ask about a
                                                                                                     Ask about a
                                                                                                  In-House Channel
                                                                                                  In-House Channel
                                                                                                      with your
                                                                                                      with your
                                                                                                    New TV System
                                                                                                    New TV System
                                                                                                     a $1750
                                                                                                     a $1750
            CAMPER GROWTH             REVENUE GROWTH
             The most recognized          Proven tools to                               WATCH TV
              brand in camping.         grow your business.
                                                                                           ON ANY
              OPERATIONAL                    KOA
               EXCELLENCE                   FAMILY
                Innovation for       Be in business for yourself,
            best-in-class operations.     not by yourself.

            Learn more about the KOA Difference:
            CONTACT US:  FRANCHISESALES@KOA.NET | 8OO-548-7239     R V P A R K T V . C O M
                                                                             by It's All About Satellites
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