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        It was so good to see so many familiar and smiling faces at the Northeast Conference on Camping in
        Southbridge.  I honestly didn’t realize how much I had missed it until I walked through that door and
        was immediately greeted by Cyndy’s smiling face and seeing Deb Irons behind the welcome desk.  It
        truly felt like coming home after a long absence.  Sitting down with some old friends and making some
        new ones and sharing ideas and experiences and a few laughs is just the thing to give us the energy and

        enthusiasm we need when facing another busy season.

        And busy is the word if this past week was any indication. It must be spring in the Northeast because
        the campers are out in full force.  For those of you like myself that were open for Easter weekend we
        did get a taste of how busy this camping season will be.  Families are happy to be out of the house and
        enjoying the outdoors again.

        Luckily, for many of us that are facing the labor shortages almost all the campers were understanding
        and sympathetic.  If you haven’t already exhausted all avenues of finding staff you may be happy to

        hear that the J1 Visa program that had been suspended due to covid-19 is up and running again and
        you can access information at

        In Massachusetts the Baker/Polito Administration has launched  a grant program called “HIRE NOW”.
        Providing qualifying companies with up to $4000 per employee to be used for sign on and retention
        bonuses, training, tuition reimbursement.   The idea is to  help employers  hire quickly and to get more
        people back to work.  For more information go to

        I am honored to be working with Cyndy and the NCA Board of Directors.  My phone line and email are
        always open to you whether it be concerns or any questions you may have.  I believe that the open door
        policy campground owners have always had for each other is what makes this industry so great.

        Here is to another fruitful and busy camping season for us all.

        Jane Doonan, NCA President and MACO Representative
        Sandy Pond Campground, Massachusetts

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