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Woodall’s Campground Management (WCM) Rebrands to ‘Woodall’s Campground Magazine’
                         RV Park and Campground Sector’s only Trade Publication Updates Front Cover of Magazine,
                                     Changes Name to Better Market What It Offers to Park Owners

        Elkhart, Ind. — Woodall’s Campground Management (WCM) has announced a shift to a new name, Woodall’s Camp-
        ground Magazine, as it works to better market itself to new park owners/operators that have been entering the outdoor
        hospitality industry.

        A trade publication that focuses on the North American RV park and campground sectors, WCM has also redesigned
        the front cover of its monthly print publication and created a new logo to better reflect its mission.
        “A surprising number of industry people at shows and elsewhere had commented to me personally on how they thought
        WCM was a reservation systems provider or a campground management company,” said Ben Quiggle, editor of the
        publication. “Obviously, that’s not what we do. We realized that we needed to help people better understand what we do
        and how WCM can help them stay informed and connected with the rest of the outdoor hospitality industry.”

        Owned by G&G Media, the Woodall’s name has been a presence in the North American RV park and campground
        sectors since the 1930’s. While still planning to carry on with the Woodall’s name, G&G Media recognizes that the name
        doesn’t carry as much weight with newer entrants to the outdoor hospitality industry.

        The magazine’s new cover, which hadn’t been updated since 2013, includes a new masthead logo which projects a
        camping scene along with a slogan that better reflects how WCM aims to cover the entire outdoor hospitality industry.

        “The new name, logo and cover will hopefully help us better market our brand and, in turn, better support the vendors
        who advertise with us, the state associations that share their news in our pages and our readers who rely on us to pro-
        vide up-to-date, accurate news,” noted Quiggle.

             W  A  N T     H  A P P Y   C A  M  P  E R S ?
                                                                    About Woodall’s Campground Magazine:
               Family owned and operated for more than 55
                years, Hialeah Meter has set the industry
                                                                 Woodall’s Campground Magazine is owned by
              standard for quality products. We are who you
                                                                  Elkhart, Ind.-based G&G Media, which also
                 can depend on for quality meters, power        owns RV Business magazine, a trade publication

                      outlets, pedestals, and more!              focused on the RV industry. Besides a monthly
                                                                  publication, WCM also operates a website at
                       W W W .  H  I  A  L  E  A  H  M  E T  E  R  .  C  O  M
                                                        that provides up-to-date
                         S  a  l  e  s  @ h  i a  l e  a  h  m  e t e  r  .  c o  m
                            @ H i  a  l  e a h  m  e  t  e r
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