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Shaped by Play

                                                                                                       AREA REPRESENTATIVE  17 Trotter Drive
                                                                                                                  PO Box 718
                                                                    At Landscape Structures, we believe playstructures should complement   Medway, MA 02053-0718
                                                                    their surroundings. But more than that, they should complement childhood.   OFFICE 508.359.4200
                                                                                                                  TOLL-FREE 800.835.0056
                                                                    Every aesthetic choice is also backed by evidence to challenge, excite and   FAX 508.533.6342
                                                                    energize kids of all abilities. Because play is an important part of shaping
                                                                    better adults. And that’s what really matters. Learn more by contacting
                                                                    your local playground consultant, O’Brien & Sons, Inc. at 508.359.4200.
                                                                    ©2020 Landscape Structures Inc.


                                                                     is hallowed GROUND

                                                                     And the Commercial Banking team from Norway Savings Bank wants to help you make
                                                                     every site a perfect little place for your guests. We understand your campground is
                                                                     your passion. We’re here to offer support.

                                                                                   Meet Jack Day, our campground specialist.
                                                                                   Aside from being an avid camper, Jack is a banker who gets
                                                                                   what  it  takes  to  keep  a  campground  full  and  operational,
                                                                                   having worked with over 70 across New England. Because in
                                                                                   this business, there’s nothing better than happy campers.
                                                                                   Give Jack a call.  207.393.3615
                                                                     Maine Campground Owner’s Association (MECOA)
                                                                     New Hampshire Campground Owner’s Association (NHCOA)
                                                                     Vermont Campground Association (VCA)
                                                                     Northeast Campground Association (NCA)
                                                                     1.888.725.2207  MEMBER FDIC
                                                                      Northeast In-Sites  ~  May 2021  ~   9
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