Page 12 - Northeast In-Sites - The Newsletter of the Northeast Campground Association, Inc. - Number 127, August 2021
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                                             They are on their way!

            Your guests and customers have a year's worth of travelling to make up for and they are ready to go.
                                      And now many can work and go to school remotely.

                                               Is your WiFi Ready?

            The same remote tools, Zoom meetings and VPNs that have let your guests work and go-to-school from home
            this past year will now enable many of them travel and play from anywhere if they have reliable connectivity.
                                                     Is your WiFi ready?

                          CheckBox connects your guests and your staff.

            CheckBox is the  affordable,  scalable  WiFi  solution that can  provide  reliable  connectivity for your  guests  and
            secure connectivity for your staff and management team. All from one system.

            Let CheckBox help you quickly deploy new and upgraded WiFi systems to keep guests happy and keep them on
            your property
            CheckBox includes MultiNet and S/A/F/E, features not found on other WiFi systems. All at no additional cost.

                                            If you  need to  upgrade  your  WiFi  system right  now call  866.345.9434  or
                                            email for a no obligation layout and quote.
                                            You can also get more information at

                                            With over eighteen years of experience providing quality, affordable WiFi to
                                            thousands of locations CheckBox has the expertise and resources to help
                                            you  get  up  and  running  quickly  and  affordably. With  our large on-hand
                                            inventory most properties can be up and running in a week or two.


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