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Around the States                                  Connecticut Campground Owners Association
                                                                                Board of Directors
                                                                    Chairman of the Board         Brian Korten,
                         CCOA                                                                                 Waters Edge Family Campground

                                                                                              Monica Bragdon,
                                                                 Vice Chairman
                                                                                                              Mineral Springs Family Campground
        We continue our legislative  efforts  regarding inherent risk
        and campground immunity. CCOA has been working closely     Treasurer                             Kathy Frederick,
        with ARVC on this and our bill language is modeled after                                  Beaver Pines Campground
        similar efforts in other states.  We have written three different     Secretary                 Mikki Botelho,
        sets of language in hopes of finding support for our propos-                                    Circle C Campground
        als.  Various versions have been submitted to the Environ-
        ment Committee which oversees the Department of Energy     Directors:               Peter Brown, Lone Oak Campsites
        and Environmental Protection  which in turn  oversees out-                   Tony Sinko, River Bend Campground
                                                                                     Priscilla Migliaccio, Hidden Acres
        door recreation in the state of Connecticut as well as the                   Daniella Gjorgjaj, Aces High RV Park
        Judiciary Committee.  It has been a particularly challenging                 Josh Greco, Hocon Gas
        legislative session.  The Capital and Legislative Office Build-
        ing  still remain  closed  and  all  meetings  and  hearings  are   Around the States
        held virtually which has made the process very difficult.

        As of March 19, Connecticut campgrounds will be able to re-
        open at 100% capacity with social distancing recommenda-                 MAC
        tions in place. For specific info.
        Reopen                                                 Greetings  from Maryland!  Where does  time go?  It
                                                               doesn’t seem possible that we are into another busy
        Our recommendation to CCOA members is that we reopen
        with the same conditions  (other than increased  capacity)   summer season. For those who don’t own or work in
        that  we  ended  last  season  with.  There  is  still  significant   a campground, I’m sure it’s difficult to understand that
        concern about possible increases in COVID spread and we   February and March are the beginning  of our crazy
        are still in the ongoing process of vaccination. We need to   times. By summer, if we don’t have our acts together,
        recognize  that we could  be facing  further restrictions  and   it’s too late. In the middle of winter, we’d like to be able
        partial shutdowns if there are any setbacks/increases in the   to complete projects so they’ll be ready for next camp-
        numbers of COVID cases. We want to be able to show that   ing season, but there’s only so much we can do inside
        we have been responsible when it comes to the health and   to prepare for outside!
        safety of our campers and employees. We worked very hard
        to get where we were able to last year…with most members   Every year we try to re-invent some part of our busi-
        reporting a very successful season.  We want to be sure that
        we don’t do anything to jeopardize our ability to have anoth-  ness that our campers see.  A new piece of playground
        er successful season.                                  equipment. New benches. Fresh coats of paint.  Bird-
                                                               houses. Pet parks. Ever had a year where you spent
        Jim Whitney, CCOA President & CEO                      thousands of dollars on underground pipes?  Pumping
                                                               septic tanks? Water leaks? Of course, we all have.  But
                                                               our campers don’t see that. They will absolutely let us
                                                               know if there’s something not working, but to recognize
        Results from ongoing CCOA COVID-19 survey as of 4/9/21:
        Over 64 percent (64.12%) of respondents reported that 2020   our “genius” in solving those types of problems before
        revenue was up as compared to 2019 and over twenty four per-  they happen?  Not so much!
        cent (24.22%) reported revenue was the same.
                                                               Keeping our clients interested, feeling valued and
        Over thirteen percent (13.33%) of respondents reported an in-  doing everything we can to be sure they have fun in
        crease of employees as compared to 2019 and over sixty per-  our parks, and are safe while doing it – that’s what we
        cent (60.12%) reported having the same number of employees
        as 2019.                                               should keep in mind. But that’s tough when you’re be-
                                                               ing yelled at for something totally beyond your control!
        Over seventy one percent (71.36%) of respondents  reported   MAC has been working on a new social media cam-
        seasonal renewals were up from last year at the same time.     paign  with two main  themes.  You’ve  Got  This!  Tar-
        Over thirty three percent (33.15%) reported renewals equal to   geted at our “new” campers, who before Covid, may
        last year at the same time.                            have never considered the camping lifestyle. And, Go-
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