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76 Lamb Road, Stafford Springs, CT 06076

               February 1, 2022

               To:          Members of the Northeast Campground Association (NCA)  Acct.# 500598660
               Subject:   ASCAP License Fee 2022 Season

               As a result of your membership in the Northeast Campground Association (NCA), ASCAP has agreed
               to continue to provide you with a reduced rate and significant savings for an ASCAP License.

               If you have any musical entertainment, you or the performing artist(s) are required to obtain an
               ASCAP license.  We encourage all members of NCA who fall under the requirements of ASCAP to
               obtain a license.

               Enclosed with this notice is the paperwork for you to complete and return along with your check
               for payment in full covering the calendar year 2022.

                             Annual                              Annual License Fee For
               Live & Mechanical Entertainment Costs             NCA Licensed Members

                 $  0     -    $  4,999.99                       $ 361.50
                 $  5,000 - $12,499.99                           $ 720.50
                 $12,500 - $24,999.99                            $1,135.00

               If you are no longer providing musical entertainment or have obtained a license either directly or
               through another source, NCA needs to have that information in our files.

               If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact NCA or Ms. Vernell V. Fleming,
               Sr. Account Service Manager (615) 727-5922/direct line or at ASCAP (800) 505-4052, P.O.
               Box 331608-7515, Nashville, TN 37203-9998.

               Please send NCA your check and the completed Exhibit A form including the dollar amount of
               your estimated musical entertainment budget for 2022.

               Make your check payable to NCA and mail to:
                                   NCA, 76 Lamb Road, Stafford Springs, CT 06076.

                                                                         At your service,

                                                                         Cyndy Zbierski, NCA
                                                                         Executive Director

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