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ing camping with us is like a warm hug! We want our           Around the States
        campers to return year after year, bring their children,
        parents, friends and of course pets. Making them feel
        special in a world where crazy, hectic, loud and rude
        seems to be the norm.  We’ll let you know how these                    MACO
        programs work!

        I couldn’t complete this article, without mentioning the   Greetings from MA!
        loss of one of my closest friends, David Berg. I met
        Dave on a bus trip which was part of Maryland host-    It’s a welcome sight to see RV’s on the road and hear
        ing the Great Escape many years ago. We stopped at  the phones ringing off the hook!  Camping is trending
        Catoctin Mountain State Park. Everyone left the bus    and everyone  wants to be a part of the experience.
        to explore, learn and see the beauty of fall in Western   What about finding the employees that are going to
        Maryland. I was hoping for a few minutes of quiet to get   measure up to (and put up with) the expectations of
        ready for our next adventure, but this gray-haired guy,
        in the seat in front of me, started talking. It became one   the campers?  It’s an Employee’s Market.  It’s difficult
        of the most important, influential and life changing con-  to attract employees  unless you can figure out how
        versations I’ve ever had.  David was ready to change   they think. Employees want to work in an organization
        our industry, from the bottom up or top down, it didn’t  that shares the same values. They want their work to
        matter. His sheer force of will, positive attitude and bril-  have meaning and purpose and to use their talents and
        liance combined to make him a force of nature. I fol-  strengths every day. The new way of working is delib-
        lowed him throughout the years ahead and I’m a better   erate and intentional. Employees want their work life
        person, campground owner, NCA and ARVC member          to fit their own life, a work life balance is a must. To be
        due to David. My heart goes out to his lovely (patient,
        understanding, kind) wife Jane, and to their family.  And   able to foster these wants and needs in employees is
        to David: Maine I love you wicked! Maryland            what a better manager can do.  Working individually
                                                               with each employee, getting to know what’s important
        Deb Carter, MAC Executive Director                     to them and what motivates them will help you build the
                                                               relationships. Many of the current workforce are look-
                                                               ing for a stepping stone to the next adventure. They are
                                                               looking to learn and make themselves better so it’s up
                                                               to us to help them grow or watch them go. One of the
                                                               most successful ways to manage is to coach.  Be curi-
                                                               ous and ask powerful “WHAT” questions. You will gain
           Maryland Association of Campgrounds                 more information using “what” rather than “how”, which
                       Board of Directors                      gets into the weeds or “why” which puts someone on
                                                               the defensive.  Show an interest in what’s important to
          President            Mike Gurevich,
                                     Cherry Hill Park          them and show them how their values are aligned with
                                                               yours. Once you’ve found an employee that you feel
          Vice President    Justinn Irons,
                                     Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort  is worth an investment, use that time to coach them to
                                                               do what you want them to do in a way that they want
          Treasurer            Debbie Irons,
                                     Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort  to do it.  Camping is exploding and the workforce has
                                                               changed. I recommend the book, It’s the Manager from
          Secretary            Sue Wendlandt,
                                     Sandy Hill Recreation Resort  Gallup; Jim Clifton and Jim Harter. I found new ideas
                                                               and hope you find something new too.
          Directors:           Warren Glotfelty,
                                     Double G RV Park
                                                               Best wishes NCA friends, for successful opening days!
                                     Elyse Wilkinson,          Marcia Galvin, MACO President & CEO
                                     Bar Harbor RV Park

                                    Russ Yates,
                                    Holiday Park Campground

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