Page 11 - Northeast In-Sites - The Newsletter of the Northeast Campground Association, Inc. - Number 127, May 2021
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Is Your Campground


                             THE MARK?


                              It’s hard to consistently ‘hit the mark’ when running a campground.
                    Marketing, Public Relations, Website Development, Guest Services, and Camper Loyalty
                      all have to be on target to be successful. The KOA system of more than 500 franchise
                    campgrounds has the advantage of an entire team of 80+ camping professionals ready to
                                          help your campground hit the bullseye.

                                                  CONTACT US TODAY!

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                     Here’s Just Part of Your New Team of Camping Experts!

               Doug          Amy         Pam         Brandi        Sara        Saskia       Cole         Kim
              Mulvaney     Beeson        Hunt       Simpson       Henry      Boogman      Reinhardt     Meyer
               Facility     Local        Tech       Research    QuickBooks     Public      Digital     Customer
               Design      Marketing    Support                  Specialist   Relations   Marketing     Service

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