Page 16 - Northeast In-Sites - The Newsletter of the Northeast Campground Association, Inc. - Number 127, August 2021
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Around the States                               towards amending regulations to allow the use
                                                               of blue boy tanks.

                         CCOA                                  Three of our member campgrounds - Pepper-
                                                               tree Camping, Charlie Brown Campground and
                                                               Nickerson Park Family Campground - suffered
        It’s been a busy couple of months with camp-           significant damage due to recent flash flood-
        grounds reopening under less restrictions and          ing.  We have reached out offering our support
        a very strong business for the beginning of the        and connected them to the ARVC Foundation
        2021 season.                                           Disaster Relief Fund for possible assistance.
                                                               We  hope  that  members  will  reach  out  to  of-
        It was a very busy legislative session.  We con-       fer whatever support and/or assistance they
        tinued our legislative efforts regarding inher-        can in the true spirit of community.  Following
        ent risk and campground immunity. We have              is a link to a video showing the extent of the
        been working closely with ARVC on this and             damage at Peppertree.
        our bill language is modeled after similar ef-         TALp7Nc
        forts in other states. We have written three
        different sets of language in hopes of finding         Our Governor and the legislature’s Appropria-
        support for our proposals. Various versions            tions Committee have agreed on an allocation
        were submitted to the Environment Commit-              plan for funds that Connecticut has received
        tee which oversees the Department of Energy            from the American Rescue Plan Act.  Item
        and Environmental Protection which, in turn,           number 10 in the allocation plan is for funds
        oversees  outdoor  recreation  in  the  state  of      that will be used to support reopening Con-
        Connecticut as well as the Judiciary Commit-           necticut’s economy and restarting tourism.
        tee.  It was a particularly challenging legisla-       Campgrounds are specifically mentioned sev-
        tive session.                                          eral times. The proposed amount of available
                                                               funds is $45 million over the two-year budget
        While we had strong support, the process was           cycle.  We are waiting for more specifics about
        significantly hampered with most of the focus          the process/requirements once everything is
        on revenue generating initiatives such as the          finalized.  It’s nice that our industry is finally
        legalization of recreational cannabis use as           being recognized as part of economic develop-
        well as online gambling and sports betting…            ment for Connecticut!! Our efforts are paying
        both  of  which  were successfully  passed  into       off!
        law.  We simply ran out of time to move our
        initiative forward.  The good news is that we          One of the challenges as the economy reopens
        have laid significant groundwork and have              is finding staff to work. Our campgrounds are
        secured additional support for our efforts go-         no  exception.  We  have  been  asking  for  our
        ing forward. We expect to have success in the          members to share their experiences with hir-
        next regular session in the beginning of 2022          ing as the season opens. We are looking to see
        or possibly during a special session that is be-       how everyone is doing and if they have any
        ing considered for this fall. Other legislative        thoughts or best practices they would be will-
        efforts included working on getting enhanced           ing to share to help other members. We have
        and more definitive guest removal laws and/or          been fortunate to receive quite a bit of input
        regulations and an effort to get campgrounds           from and for our members.
        designated as essential businesses.  ARVC is
        leading the way to get the essential business          We continue to conduct a robust research pro-
        designation accomplished at the national lev-          gram. We have two active and ongoing sur-
        el and we will support that effort in any way          veys…the Economic Impact of Connecticut
        we  can.  We  are  also  continuing  our  efforts      Campgrounds and the Impact of Covid-19 on
                                                               Connecticut Campgrounds. Both are being
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